Special Solutions

Hennig UKSpecial Solutions

Perfect Solutions for Special Applications

Differing requirements and conditions to which the machine tools are subjected, complicated slideway forms and inappropriate spacial conditions of the special machines demand close cooperation between our design engineers and the machine tool manufacturers at an early stage of development.

We design your individual covers with know-how, creativity and an attractive price-performance ratio.

Watertight Telescopic Steel Covers

The standard designs are splashproof and suited for high traversing speeds. We also offer innovative solutions for special applications.

Integral Gutter

The gutter is formed as an integral part of the rear panel of the individual boxes. This version can be manufactured in a cover width of up to approximately 2000 mm with a 2 to 3 mm thick steel sheet. With a slope of at least 5 degrees, this form ensures an efficient drainage and prevention of coolant entering the boxes.