Series SK

Hennig UKSeries SK
  • Moulded wipers for use in series machines
  • High moulding accuracy ensures excellent wiping results
  • The wipers consist of synthetic rubber vulcanized on a 2 mm thick steel plate
  • Can be manufactured in any technically feasible form
  • High dimensional accuracy (manufactured in special moulds)
  • Good resistance to abrasion
  • Little deformation by compression
  • Special types can be made
  • Profiled in a nearly unlimited number of designs according to drawing or sketch
  • Ready for mounting, upon request, with mounting holes

Wiper Cross Section Diagram

This diagram represents a standard length of ‘SK’ wiper strip, which is usually available from stock – however, ‘SK’ wipers are usually custom made to any specific design, and may not necessarily match the diagram shown.

The ‘SK’ range of wipers are recommended for regular, high-quantity orders. A minimum quantity of 20-25 pieces is required when placing orders for this range of wipers (with the exception of ‘SK’ standards lengths, which are stock items and can be ordered in small quantities).