Series 53

Hennig UKSeries 53

Series 53 is a steel apron cover designed for heavy duty usage. It works in a similar way to both our Aluflex and AGS range.

For more detailed information on how this product works, and what it is suitable for, you are advised to telephone us – this enables us to find a cover that is suited for your application. For a brief description of our Series 53 system, please see the description below.

  • Lamella-type highly flexible apron covers for optimum protection against swarf and falling work pieces, especially suited for extreme working conditions
  • Sufficient protection in case of high volumes of swarf (e.g. at lathe tool posts)
  • Carrier material made of high-tensile polyester fabric, coated with polyester on both sides, and combined with an aluminium coated heat resistant material
  • Reinforced on both sides with steel, brass or aluminium lamellas, this type of apron is a robust cover element
  • Highly resistant against oil, grease, coolants and hot swarf (contact temperature of up to +300°C)
  • Splash-proof according to IP 54
  • Small coil radius
  • Space saving
  • Easy assembly