Series AB

Hennig UKSeries AB
  • For use in metal-cutting machines with large volumes of swarf and cooling agents
  • Well suited for the production of dimensionally stable wiper systems
  • Standard lengths can be profiled by the customer for service and repairs
  • Factory-profiled forms ensure an excellent wiping performance
  • Stainless steel support profiles ensure high mechanical stability under permanent load
  • With elastic, highly abrasion- proof polyurethane wiper lips
  • Easy to replace
  • The mitre joints of the wiper casing are welded
  • 90° wiper lip with a 45° chamfer moulded in one piece
  • Without joint, hence no impairment due to glueing in this area
  • Protected against hot swarf and mechanical damage
  • Standard lengths of 1000mm are available in stock
  • Can be profiled in a nearly unlimited diversity of designs according to drawing or sketch
  • Ready to be mounted, upon request, with mounting holes

Wiper Cross Section Diagrams

ab1AB1 is our medium sized wiper with a mounted height of 17mm (18mm unmounted).

ab3AB3 is our largest wiper with a mounted height of 24mm (25mm unmounted).

ab5AB5 is our smallest wiper with a mounted height of 13.5mm (14.5mm unmounted).