lamella systems

Hennig UKlamella systems

Hennig has developed lamella bellows to meet particularly high requirements. This type fills the gap between telescopic steel covers and conventional bellows.

The lamella bellows are based on our heat-sealed or stitched designs. Each fold has its own guide frame which is sealed to the cover material. Lamellas made from stainless steel protect the bellows against red hot, sharp-edged swarf, or mechanical strain.

Do you need vertically mounted bellows? Without lamella overhang? In such a case our bellows with hinged lamellas are the perfect solution for you. Each lamella is flexibly fixed to the PVC frame. Therefore, the lamellas can lie down flat on the machine enclosure at the bottom.

These folded bellows feature lamellas on three sides combine the advantages of telescopic steel covers with folded bellows. Due to this combination of folded bellows and telescopic steel cover, the bellows are protected on each side, against hot, sharp chips or mechanical strain.

Thanks to an ideal ratio between the extended and the compressed length, and compact dimensions because lamella has no overhang, this type of bellows is perfectly suited to limited space applications.