Series AL

Hennig UKSeries AL
  • For the wiping and cleaning of slideways
  • Particularly suitable in case of high volumes of coolants and swarf
  • Easy to cut and process, these wipers are ideal for service and repair
  • Both types of wipers are used depending on the available space
  • Can be cut to length and profiled while the machine is assembled
  • Anodized aluminium precision profile with integrated lip protection against hot swarf
  • Replaceable lip
  • The two-way wiper system prevents the penetration of swarf and coolants
  • Fastening with hexagon socket screws according to DIN 912, oval head or button head socket screws
  • The 90° connecting pieces for AL 1 and AL 3 ensure the connection of the wiper sides

Wiper Cross Section Diagrams

al1AL1 is our smallest sized wiper with a mounted height of 17mm (18mm unmounted).

al3AL3 is our largest wiper with a mounted height of 24mm (25mm unmounted).