Flex-Protect System

Hennig UKFlex-Protect System

FLEX PROTECT aluminium lamella systems protect machining centres against oil, coolants, swarf and dust. These systems are manufactured in Germany, the U.S.A., Brazil, India and Japan which ensures  co-ordinated design and manufacturing methods, quick spare parts supplies and repair services near to the customers’ premises.

Flexible Modular System

  • Design: Movable aluminium lamellas connected by polyurethane hinges
  • Reliable sealing against oil, swarf, coolants and splash due to the close contact between the lamellas and polyurethane hinges
  • Lamellas available in three widths:
    – 46 mm (single element)
    – 92 mm (double element)
    – 138 mm (triple element)
  • Optimum ratio between the extended and compressed lengths
  • Extension up to 6 m per system
  • Lamella height up to 3 m
  • The polyurethane hinges serve at the same time as flexible hinges and covers between the lamellas
  • Quick and easy assembly – the end lamellas are screwed on to the adjacent machine part


  • Each lamella moves in a top and bottom guide
  • A flat steel guide at the bottom prevents the lamella from projecting