Special Designs

Hennig UKSpecial Designs
  1. Extension control systems (scissors, half-scissors, fold tapes)
  2. Roller
  3. End frame
  4. Intermediate frame
  5. Guide frame
  6. Guide
  7. Clamping rail


Scissors are used for high traversing speeds. This allows an even extension of all elements across the whole extension length. As a result, the folds are less strained and the durability of the bellows is prolonged.


Rollers are used in large and heavy bellows with extension limiters. They minimize friction and ensure excellent running properties.


The advantage of half-scissors is that the individual elements can be extended successively depending on the necessary extension length.

Since the folds are not loaded up to the theoretically possible extension limit, the durability is also longer.

Generally, Hennig bellows consist of a bellows cover, guide and end frames. Bellows with large extension lengths are composed of various elements which are connected by intermediate frames. Regarding the choice of material for frames and bellows, we can meet nearly all customer requirements.

Intermediate steel frames

Intermediate steel frames are used to connect the various elements, especially when extension limit systems are required. The intermediate frames are fastened to the bellows with a clamping rail.

The intermediate frames can be guided by either plastic or brass rollers or guides.

Guide frames

The guide frames provide the bellows with the necessary stability and enable a precise operation, even at high speeds. They are made from PVC and are directly attached to the cover.

The shape of the frames is adapted by Hennig to the design required.

Special Solutions

There is nearly no limit to the use of Hennig folded bellows. Our range of products provides an ideal solution for each application. We will assist you with pleasure in solving complicated tasks.

We are in fact experts for tailor-made solutions!