Product Identification Labels

Hennig UKProduct Identification Labels

When ordering replacement parts or replacement of covers, please, where possible, look for this product label on the cover. Please record the number shown on the line which says ‘Kom Nr’, and also the two lines below that (as shown on the first label diagram), or the number show on the line which says ‘Ref No’, and also the line below that (as shown on the second label diagram) – and provide them to the Hennig sales or service Representative along with your parts or replacement order. We can then identify your guard, and then supply to your request. Without this number, we don’t have any way of recognising your cover.

Each Telescopic Steel Cover that we supply usually has two of these labels – one on the outside of the largest box (which is usually the most visible), and also on the inside of the smallest box (not usually visible until the guard is taken off the machine).